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During the 1970s, CIA historian Jack Pfeiffer wrote a Top Secret multi-volume history of 1961’s Bay of Pigs intervention in Cuba. Before his death, Pfeiffer sued unsuccessfully to de-classify some of the History. Though it is widely believed that all volumes are still classified, one is available at National Archives’ JFK Assassination Records Collection. Pfeiffer writes of incompetence at CIA, of an out-of-touch Allen Dulles, of too-close relations between CIA and anti-Castro U.S. corporate leaders, and about “The Question of Assassination.”

Click below for PDF files with the Introduction and Chapters 1 through 8. (Endnotes and Appendices are not posted here, but are available with the History in Box 1 of the “CIA Miscellaneous” sub-collection.)

Chapter 1-1
Chapter 1-2
Chapter 2-1
Chapter 2-2
Chapter 2-3
Chapter 2-4
Chapter 2-5
Chapter 2-6
Chapter 3
Chapter 4-1
Chapter 4-2
Chapter 5-1
Chapter 5-2
Chapter 6-1
Chapter 6-2
Chapter 7
Chapter 8









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